2015. augusztus 26., szerda

Hello again birthday!

It is time to change!
Every birthday is a born,

I have some plan:

* I want to do with my body :)
some excersize, 

* eating: you know that I'm not eating white flour sugar milk etc.for 3 years now and I lost 40 kgs with it.
But I made some cheating in the last few month I am really sorry but I needed some happines.
Now I decided to find on other way the happiness. 
As in the beginning when I  was sad I made some push ups instead chokolade. 
I will return to this.

* I have to feed my soul

*I will create every day!!!!!!!!
(An old fellow said: Take time for your art)

*I have to create money from something I love to do!!!

*Learn new thing every day!

Time is NOW, past is part, future is ahead of us.